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How to use the Knak / integration
How to use the Knak / integration

How to use the integration

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When it comes to getting an email or landing page out the door, collaboration and feedback is one of the most time consuming parts of the process. Knak has simplified the process with a integration.

Connecting an item in to a Knak asset

To use an asset with the integration, you first need to gather the link to the item in The link can be found by going to the item in its board and copying its link.

Next, head over to the Info tab of your asset in Knak. On the right-hand side, you'll see a section called Project Management. Once you've connected your integration, you'll see it there. You can now paste in the task link you copied.

You will get a notification that the asset has been successfully connected.

With a successful connection, mapped metrics from will be synced to Knak into the custom fields (Region, Language and Deadline). Item Column to Knak Custom Field Mapping

  • Region -> Region

  • Language -> Language

  • Deadline -> Deadline

Open item from Knak

Within Knak, you can go directly to the item in by clicking the link.

Status synced from Knak to

As the status of the email changes in Knak, the value of the status is updated in the item under the column called “Knak Status”.

Comments synced from Knak to

As comments are added to the email in Knak, they are also synced to the item.

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