Note: Requires Administrator access.

Access User Settings

User permissions can be accessed and reviewed by going to the Company Settings dropdown on the left side and selecting Users.

From here you will be presented with a list of your current users so that you can add, remove or update user settings.

Setting Roles for New User

When creating a user you will see a table with their level of access. Use the toggle on each user role to see the access. You can assign multiple roles to one user account if appropriate.

You can also determine the brands that the user has access too. This is useful to ensure that a user is building emails for their brand type alone and doesn't have access to other brand emails and settings.

Again you can add multiple brands if that's appropriate for the user.

Edit Permissions and Roles of Existing User

To edit the level of access an existing user has you can select the edit icon next to their name. 

From here you can adjust the user role for that particular user and choose which brands they have access to.

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