Add/Remove Users

Invite new users to your account.

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Note: Requires administrator access. 

Add New User

To add new users navigate to the Admin section (top left button)

and then select Users.

From here you can view your existing users and invite a new users.

Click on the Invite User button and toggle on the appropriate role/roles for the user that you're inviting.

Toggling the Roles on the left will influence what user permissions that user has. Users can have multiple roles. 

#Pro Tip

Your Knak account includes a defined number of 'Builder' users who can create content in Knak. All other roles including Administrator and Integrator are free & unlimited. Meaning you can invite as many users into Knak as needed to collaborate. Just assign any other role apart from 'Builder' when adding a new collaborative user.

Brand Access

Depending on how you plan to use your account you may want to also limit a users access by brand. This will influence which emails they are able to view, edit or delete. It also limits which modules they are able to build from. You can add someone to multiple brands, as seen in the screenshot below, which shows a user who is a member of multiple brands.

Need more users?

If you aren't able to add more users because you have used your limit, please contact and we will help add additional licenses to your account.

Deleting Users

To delete a user you just need to click on the trash can icon next to their name and click on delete in the modal that pops up. Assets created by the user will not be deleted when the user is deleted.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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