Set up Review Groups

Define groups of people who will review and approve your emails.

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Note: Requires administrator access.

In order to send someone an email for them to approve, they need to be a part of an Review Group. Review Groups are groups of people who will all need to approve an email before it can be sent out. 

In order to add someone to an Review Group, they need to have 'Approval' access under their user permissions. See: Permissions and Roles for more information on this subject.

Approvals in Knak work in sequential stages, each stage can have one or more approvers. There is the option to make it so only one person at a stage needs to approve an email. If this box is checked, then everyone in the stage needs to approve the email before going to the next stage.

To explain this further let's look at this approval group:

In this case Pat or Jenny need to approve the email. If one of them approve, it will go to Felix and Trevor. Only one of them need to approve to go to the next stage as 'Everyone in stage must approve' is unchecked. If it was checked as it is in stage 2, Pat and Jenny would need to approve it.

If they both approve the email will move to the final stage for Pierce to approve.

If anyone requests changes the email will return to the first stage of the approval process and all parties will have to approve again before it can be fully approved. 

We recommend to put your most senior approver as the last approver so that they do not need to get caught up in the noise of back and forth change requests. 

Access Review Groups

To access Review Groups, go to the Admin section (top left button)

Select Company on the left side and click on Review Groups.

Create a Review Group

From this page you can click on Create New Review Group

Give the group a memorable name and you'll then be able to add the relevant users to the approval group. If you can't add your user to your Review Group, its likely because they do not have 'Approval' permission. 

Keep in mind that the order of your approvers is extremely important here. You can easily drag and drop the approvers to change the order.

Save the group and now it will be available to your users to select from when they go to get an email approved.

Dynamic Approvals

Create review groups on the fly, more details here

How to approve an email

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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