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Approve an Email or Landing Page
Approve an Email or Landing Page

How to respond to an approval request email.

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Knak sends approvals via email with buttons and a link to enable the approver to take several different actions from the email itself.

If you need help setting up approval groups, click here

If you receive an approval request it will look something like this:

Subject Line: Email Approval Requested...

The person who requests the approval is at the top. Then there may be a note from them as well. You have 3 options:

  1. Review Email

  2. Approve

  3. Request Changes

Review Email

We recommend starting here. This will take you to a page in Knak where you can see all of the information about this email. 

You will see:

  1. An audit trail of the approval chain including past/future approvers and comments

  2. The full email along with all email details (subject line, sender display, preview text etc)

  3. Ability to Approve or Request Changes and leave comments in the Collaborate tab


If you're happy with all the contents of the email - go to the 'Reviews' tab and select 'Mark as Reviewed'

If you were the last approver, the person responsible for the email will be notified that the email is fully approved and ready for deployment.

If you were not the last approver, the email will go onto the next approver. If they request changes, you will be notified about the changes they have requested so you are still kept in the loop.

Request Changes

Spot a mistake in the email? Or, have a recommendation that you want to make? No problem. Just click on the Request Changes button under the Review tab and select 'Collaborate'. More details on Collaborate can be found here.

Click on any part of the email and enter a comment. On the right side you will see all the comments

You can view the status of the email in Knak at any time to keep track of the approval process if you're not the only approver.

How to override an approval process

Account admins have the power to manually change the status of an email to approved. Just open the email and head to the info tab. On the right side you will see 'Mark as Reviewed'

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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