All Knak emails utilize the unsubscribe token {{system.unsubscribeLink}} to insert the necessary unsubscribe link for your emails. This prevents Marketo from adding an ugly line of copy at the very bottom of your emails.

This token can be added like you would add any hyperlink to text or an image in your email. Where you would typically enter your hyperlink (ex., you add {{system.unsubscribeLink}} instead. 

However, the one caveat here is that Marketo’s unsubscribe token requires your unsubscribe page to be named UnsubscribePage.html. 

If your unsubscribe page URL is at UnsubscribePage.html then congrats, you don't need to do anything! If not, here are some instructions we recommend you follow:

Step 1

Find your unsubscribe landing page and select menu option Landing Page Actions -> URL Tools -> Edit URL Settings.

Step 2

Set the URL to ‘UnsubscribePage’.

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