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How To Reduce Email File Size To Prevent Emails From Being Clipped

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Sometimes you get excited building your emails and start adding so many cool sections. We totally get it! However, when you do this, it's possible for your emails to get so big that they won't be delivered to your recipients as you are intending.

So what happens if your email is larger than 102kb?

If your email is larger than 102kb, Gmail will clip the end of any email that goes over 102kb and other clients may strip large images or reject the email altogether.

No worries! Here are some ways you can reduce your email size and stop your emails from clipping:

Number of Sections

Keeping the number of sections you use in your email to a minimum will help with reducing file size. A good rule of thumb is to only add a new structure if you need a different column layout.

For example, if you wanted to include a one-column header image and add a section with text right below it, you can simply drag a text content block below the image.

To do this:

  1. Click on the content block you wish to add.

2. Drag the content block over to the desired section.

(A blue line will appear to denote where it will be dropped.)

And that's it!

This way, all of your content blocks are part of the same section and no unnecessary code is added to the HTML.

For reference, this is what it would like like if you added another structure below instead of adding to the current structure, which is not recommended when trying to reduce email size.

Alternatively, you could also add a nested section to a 1 column section and add your content within that without adding size to the HTML.

Finally, you can use the Responsive Options and mobile-specific editing to reduce the number of sections needed in your email.

Image Size

We recommend keeping the total file sizes of all images in an email under 1mb total. That could mean you use 10 100kb images or 2 500kb images. You can reduce your image size on your computer or with an image compression website. Larger images won't affect the file size but may affect deliverability.

Custom HTML

We are a no-code campaign creation platform, however, we recognize that occasionally you need code to create a specific outcome. It's important to note that this does add additional weight to your email. Check with our support team to see if you can achieve your desired result without the code.

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