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Knak AI and Manual Translations
Knak AI and Manual Translations

Localize content to communicate with consumers in each market

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For Enterprise customers

There are two types of translations that can be used in Knak - Manual and Automatic translations For each language selected to translate, you are able to select if they want to use “Automatic” or “Manual” translation.

Manual Translation

You can create variants of the email with an assigned language but not changing any text.

  1. Use the review process in Knak to notify the translator.

Automatic Translation

You can send an asset for automatic translation

  1. Once the translation is completed, you can see variants of the email with an assigned language.

  2. If you opted for Automatic translation, you should see the variant translated into the desired language.

You will receive notification when a translation job is completed for both manual and automatic translation.

Managing translation variants

Translation variants have a parent-child relationship. If a design element is changed in the parent, you can push the changes down to the child. This mean less manual updating between variants for you - and that you can make design changes in the email and it will flow to the all the language variants.

However, this is not forced. Users can choose to do it or not.

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