Movable Ink Integration

Connect your Movable Ink account to your Knak Account in seconds using a secure API Connection

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For Enterprise Customers

Knak allows you to insert Movable Ink snippets into your emails and then preview them just as a customer will see them. It also means that you can preview the personalized content from Movable Ink as it will look to a customer so there is less of a burden on your team to test and check multiple Movable Ink elements.

Knak’s Movable Ink integration allows you to:

Insert Movable Ink elements into emails

  • Can include multiple in single email

  • Can style, and edit movable ink data to fit branding

  • Can be used in modules so they can be reused

  • Includes search bar to sort through Movable Ink libraries and find data points you need.

To add Movable Ink content, add a 'Movable Ink' content block into the section of the email you want.

After you drag it to the place you want it, click on 'Add Block'

Search for the block using the search bar. You can select a campaign to find the block you want.

Preview emails with Movable Ink content

  • Fully responsive - works with desktop and mobile

  • Parameter previews - preview an email as a customer would see it instead of default movable ink holders. That means instead of previewing emails with default/ movable ink content blocks that aren’t populated - you can choose a specific customer and preview and share that preview with your team.

  • Share those previews with your team that look like how a customer would see them (populated with customer data) so everyone on your team can check that the email looks right and correct in one spot.

Easy to add the integration

  • Connect to Movable Ink in Admin > Platform > Integrations

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