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Segment your Knak account
Segment your Knak account

How to use brands to segment your account

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Many of our clients need to partition their Knak account into separate sections. This is often done to ensure individual teams only has access to the content that's relevant to their email creation. We often see accounts split by team, business unit or geographical area.
Knak gives you a lot of tools you can use to accomplish account segmentation, the most powerful being the use of brands.  For more details covering how to create brands click here.
In your Knak Enterprise account you can have as many brands as you like, allowing you to create a brand for each segment of your account. Then you can assign users and content to one or multiple brands.

The following content can be assigned to a particular brand:

Users - each user can be assigned to one or multiple brands and would only see content for the brands they are assigned.

Modules - when building or editing a module you can assign the module to as many brands as needed.

Custom themes - each custom theme can be assigned to a specific brand or brands.

Folders in your image gallery - each folder in your image gallery can be assigned to a specific brand. More details

Splitting your account by brand ensures each team only has access to the content they need. That can reduce clutter and improve building efficiency while ensuring only approved content is used by each team.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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