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Create your own typography kits

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To create Font families:

  1. Go to the Admin section and then select Brands.

  2. Select the Fonts tab and click on the Add a Style button.

3. Enter a Font kit name and click the + to choose the desired fonts.

4. You will see a list of fonts which you can click the checkbox to select the desired fonts. After you choose the fonts, you can see the selection by click on Selected Fonts. When you've selected the fonts, click Save.

5. Add the style you want for the Header, Subhead and Body. Choose the font, size, bold or italicized and the colour. Click save when completed.

6. Assign the Font Kit to the brands you want them available to.

Using typography kits

Add a text block to an email and click on the Text Style dropdown.Choose Header, Subhead or Body to bring in the desired style.

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