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Collaboration and Approvals 3.0
Collaboration and Approvals 3.0

The Knak Approval Process and Collaborate Section

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Knak has made some changes to the way you approve and discuss emails amongst your team.

Please note this process is for Enterprise licenses.

To start the review process, go to 'Reviews' at the top of the page and set up your Review Group or add reviewers.

From here, you can select your 'Review Group' or 'Add Reviewers'.

You can choose 'Select Review Group' or dynamically add reviewers if there is not a predefined Review group. More information on setting up review groups here and dynamical approval here.

When the approval group has been set. You will see the stages and the status of the approval.

Review workflows can be edited at any stage of the review process. To make a change to the review workflow, click on the Reviews tab and click on Edit approvals.

The reviewer will get a notification that there is a request for an email to be reviewed.

More details on notifications can be found here.

The reviewer can 'Mark as Reviewed' or 'Request Changes'. Marking as reviewed will go to the next person in the queue until all the stages are complete.

'Request Changes' will allow the user to specify the request through 'Collaborate'

Collaborate allows the reviewer to give direct feedback simply by clicking on any part of the email that you want to leave feedback. More details on Collaborate here

The comment will appear on the right side and send a notification to the user.

When it has been resolved, simply click on the checkmark. The user will be able resend the email for review.

When it has been marked as approved by all necessary reviewers, the creator will get an notification that it has been approved and marked as reviewed in the email center.

The email approval process is now complete.

Need more help? Contact support via live chat within Knak using the chat bubble in the bottom right corner or email

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